LED lighting technology

We are the experts in the application of LED technology in lighting systems. We offer a wide range of LED components and LED solutions for various areas of use and applications.

Wireli line LED lighting systems

Do you need to create a specific lighting system for your interior or exterior? A great solution is to use modern WIRELI LED line lighting systems – a combination of design and functionality. Our LED lighting evokes the right atmosphere of style and luxury, and helps you to relax after a busy day at work and enjoy the unique comfort of your home.

We will supply all the technology you need to create an efficient LED lighting system.

Schéma zapojení LED

LED Aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles for LED stripes also provide the necessary cooling and allow you to achieve professional installation results. We offer profiles for installation on the surface, profiles designed to be inserted into a milled grooves,  
and angular profiles designed to illuminate cabinet corners  or the interior.
We also offer profiles for special applications, VARIO profiles for design lighting, massive profiles for the construction of demanding lighting assemblies, and other components.

LED stripe

LED stripes represent the trend in modern lighting. Their unbeatable advantage is the versatility and simplicity of use, easy installation but also low price
and significant energy savings. Our portfolio offers LED stripes for a wide range of applications: white LED stripes, coloured LED stripes, special LED stripes, power LED stripes and newly also LED neons.

Cable distribution system

To make sure that your LED assembly functions flawlessly and effectively for
a long time, it must also be properly connected. Thanks to our cable distribution system you will have no a problem with the connection.  We provide the simplest possible way to connect individual components of your LED system.

Switch or control

Specific control options for your LED system represent another feature
of modern lighting system. We offer wall-mounted or remote controllers, switches and furniture sensors, controllers designed to be built into aluminium profiles, mechanical controls and more. This allows you to control your lighting system elegantly while enjoying a functional an efficient solution.

Power supply

One of the most important, and at the same time the most burdened component of line LED lighting, is the power supply. Only we provide professional power supplies for LED lighting systems made by world’s leading manufacturers offering the best quality and price ratio: power supplies with hidden terminal blocks, power supplies equipped with JST-M connectors, power supplies with output cables, industrial power supplies, power adapters and desktops.

Accessories and installation material

Sockets, terminal blocks, wiring boxes, cables, but also other additional mounting installation components are included in our extensive offer. Thanks to these products, you will always achieve professional results, lasting functionality and enjoy long service life of the entire system.

Offered solutions

LED lighting solution

We are always searching for ways to make the installation of your line lighting system easier and therefore, we have prepared sample sets of LED lighting assemblies for you.
Current offer - 2021

Line LED lighting systems catalogue

Our catalogue is the most comprehensive an organized offer demonstrating the wide range of line LED lighting systems and other additional accessories, but it also serves as work guide giving you
a number of illustrative and inspiring photographs. Our catalogue specifically focuses on the complete range  products and services
with regards to the production of interior and exterior lighting systems. It includes a range of LED stripes, aluminium LED profiles, power supplies, switches and controls, accessories, mounting and installation material, LED lights and other accessories.

An integral part of the offer is a separate catalogue which offers
an assortment of wire baskets and wire organizers designed for kitchen and locker or dressing rooms, plus additional assortment of furniture products.

You may find these products on the furniture fittings page.

Should you be interested in a printed catalogue, do not hesitate
to contact us.

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Furniture fittings, LED lighting
Furniture fittings, LED lighting

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